Are Rin And Haru Related

I realize Akito's the head of the Sohma family, but why does that make it OK for her to abuse little kids and damage people's eyes? Why does the rest of the family put up with her appalling behavior? When she nearly blinded Hatori, at that point I would have been staging a family rebellion.- As noted above, the curse does weird things to those it affects. Akito's position as the god makes it so they can't really go against her, and worst of all, they realize it. It also doesn't help that creepy old maid was enabling her. The Sohma family was very reclusive and kept to themselves. I got the feeling that they hid most of what went on from the police (anyway, how would they explain to the police that the head of a family is mistreating people because they're possessed by animal spirits of the Zodiac?) Things had gone on that way for so long that it was just accepted as their way of life. I hate to answer a question with a question, but for what Akito did to whom?

39;t know what exactly Kana was told besides Akito saying it was her fault.

Hanako kun Yashiro NeneIf it was one of the Juunishi, they would never even call the police. Remember when Momiji told Tohru that part of the curse is that they can't blame Akito. Calling the police for someone's actions is pretty much blaming them. Now, why any of the Juunishi don't do anything as their curses are breaking, I can't tell you.- Everyone, including Akito, had grown up a little by that point and were ready to smooth out their nasty relationships and move on. Rin, who got the worst of the abuse, is the only member of the Zodiac having trouble with moving on, but all of them want to leave it behind them and get on with their lives. Not to mention, it's pretty hard for people to fight to correct the Sohma ways of thinking without someone as influential as Akito there leading the push for change. We don't know what exactly Kana was told besides Akito saying it was her fault. Perhaps Hatori was warned her earlier that it would make Akito jealous if their relationship was made public or that it would cause problems.

39;t intimidated and brainwashed, and decide to leave the country to protect their child.

If that were the case then it's not impossible she figured "if Hatori never met me he never would have gone to ask for us to be married and therefore would never have been hurt". Plus, it's not like she's the only character to be overwhelmed/broken by events she couldn't control in the series. Kana was a Sohma, too, although not a member of the core group centered around the Zodiac. Even if she'd never personally met Akito before, it's not hard to believe that she might have been taught to respect Akito as the absolute head of the family - although the Zodiac were the only ones with the metaphysical bond, I imagine the rest of the family were encouraged to respect and obey Akito. After all, any Sohma had the potential to be the mother or father of the next Zodiac member. Having control of the Zodiac doesn't mean much if their parents aren't intimidated and brainwashed, and decide to leave the country to protect their child. Also, Hatori was unable to blame Akito. If Kana and Hatori talked about what had happened, she would have realized that Hatori wasn't upset at Akito and probably figured that Hatori agreed with Akito. For what it's worth, imagine what'll happen to the next complete bitch that tries to injure Hatori and then claim it's MAYU's fault?

That makes sense. Sort of.

I actually kind of wish she had found out the real truth and confronted Akito. AKITO: The Juunshi are mine, Hatori's injury is purely the fault of that dirty bi- ARRRGH! MY BLOOD! SHE PUNCHED OUT ALL MY BLOOD! Hatsuharu mentions in the fourth(?) volume, "we could do it without actually embracing" to Tohru before Kyo and Yuki take him down.- Ah, okay. That makes sense. Sort of. I thought he meant showing her his pubic hair? Consider also that Shigure only screwed Ren for revenge, not because he actually liked her. As charming as he'd pretend to be, this troper could imagine him refraining from keeping it intimate (not actually holding her during it, etc). Except Ren isn't part of a the Zodiac. Unless you're confusing her with Rin? Shigure had sex with her in dog form, then? It could be possible, especially since Shigure's mind is still human when he's in that form, since there is such a thing as bestiality. There are many different sex positions that do not require hugging, and most of them do not require undue contortion. Ren could have simply been on top. As long as she didn't lean down to embrace him, it would be fine. Another idea: In one chapter Kyo hugs Tohru when she's hanging up laundry to dry, using a bedsheet as a sort of "buffer" between them.

That would mean there is one sit left for the driver, who would be someone else.

Might not be hard to arrange such a shield on the bed, and if it's thin enough they could actually get a close approximation of genuinely intimate sex. There was a chapter divider (easy to miss) which showed that Kyo had turned anyway. It's possible the previous cat got with another member of the zodiac. We don't hear much about them, so it's possible. Tohru hugged Momiji and held him on her lap on the way there. But none of them (Haru, Momiji, Kyo, Tohru or Yuki) are at legal driving age (unless the driving age in Japan is different). Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't really think Momiji sitting on Tohru's lap would have changed anything.- Except that if Tohru held Momiji on her lap he would probably transform, and a bunny takes up a lot less room than a human boy. That would mean there is one sit left for the driver, who would be someone else. This troper likes to think they wouldn't care about age, being the Sohmas, and would have taught their kids to drive anyway (having first driven a car when I was only 14), and probably Haru can drive somehow regardless just because, well, he's Haru. He does things like that.

Actually it is highly likely that the Sohma's being the influential, reclusive family that they are, and since they were going to a privately Sohma owned summer home, might have had a personal driver, who wouldn't have gotten out of the car anyway. They did have personal maids already waiting at the beach house. They don't teach mind wipes in medical school. He probably learned that somewhere else.- Logic aside, though, wouldn't it be awesome if they did? I would totally be a doctor if that were the case. It's explained that Mind Wiping is a skill passed down through generations of Hatori's particular branch of the family. His father taught him the technique, and supposedly he would teach his son. Yeah, but it's a huge family, so they're not all closely related, and some of them probably aren't even blood relatives. For example, you never hear two characters mention that their respective parents are siblings or anything. It's possible that they become members of the 'Main Family' by virtue of being Zodiac members. It's been a while since I read the series, so I may be wrong about this, but I don't remember anyone ever specifically stating that Zodiac members were born only to the main family, so they could easily come from different Sohma branches. Possibly their immediate family - parents, siblings, etc. Zodiac member is born, which could explain the lack of direct cousins ​​amongst the Zodiac. They just refer to each other as 'cousins' because it's simpler. I just reread the series recently (see: today), and it's said that people who live in the Main House do so because they know about the curse or are related to those with the curse.

There's "insiders" who know and "outsiders" who don't, but ultimately they're the same family and there are no factions - which is discussed by servants in a later book. The Sohma family is huge, having many members besides those in the zodiac. I guess I was being too specific. I just marveled how they got so rich. Were they once nobility? Do they own a giant fast food chain? How did the Sohmas get so rich? It's never exactly explained. The various members have businesses that seem fairly successful (Aya's costume shop, Shigure's books, etc). Presumably the fact that there are so many and it's such a secluded family also means that there's a lot of inheritance. I've always thought that because of the bond in their family, God blessed them with fortune. As far as anyone can tell, He personally never went through any traumatic rejections everyone else he cared about did. He's the dog though, he's supposed to be loyal and empathetic so, I think he got messed up though osmosis. I don't think anyone needs to make up a traumatic childhood for him, he's witnessed enough bad stuff for a lifetime. He's one of the least screwed-up members of the cast, Sohma or no. It could be argued that his dream when Akito was born was his "traumatic moment," since it informed almost everything he did in the series. And it certainly didn't help that Akito had been having sex with Kureno as well as him.- Shigure is the only member of the cast who isn't an emotional wreck.

He's a selfish person who accepts and is unashamed of his selfishness, and his honesty with himself allows him to ignore and exploit other people in need in order to get what he wants. Remember, the entire series only happened because he wanted Akito for himself, and the parasitic "bond" between her and the other Zodiac was getting in the way of that. I've always assumed that the artists did that to make her look cuter or something, according to them, at least. I guess brown hair and brown eyes didn't appeal to someone so they changed it. It would explain why Yuki's hair and eye color were changed to purple when they were gray originally. The curse doesn't follow the zodiac years, just the zodiac animal spirits. The dog, snake, and dragon just happen to be born in the same year (I think the Rooster was also). Shigure even mentions that this is the first time that all the animals are alive at the same time which can mean that a zodiac spirit isn't born right after the old one dies. They transform anyway, just because the curse is spiteful? I don't know, but I did get the feeling that the point behind the curse was to discourage/prevent the Zodiac from forming relationships with people outside of God's guests.- On another note, what if they get hugged by a binary-gendered trans person? Would the curse go by the person's gender or sex?

Oh, and another thing: the curse wouldn't even matter for a gay Zodiac member (side from the exhaustion transformation, of course). I would debate it still matters, if not romantically, then platonically - look at what happened to poor Momiji, getting rejected by his mother. Hiro couldn't hold his baby sister. And Hatsuharu has only expressed interest in other members of the Zodiac (including the very male Yuki), but he's still isolated within the abuse of the family. As to the "what if they were trans" question: The curse responds to biological sex, most likely. But Ritsu isn't transgender. Yes, he crossdresses because it makes him feel comfortable, but he still refers to himself as a man. Because every since she was a child, she felt a connection and empathy towards the Cat of the Zodiac. There was even a flashback where she heard the story, cried over the fate of the Cat, and declared her new Zodiac sign to be the Cat. As for Kyo twig and having anger issues, one of Tohru's best friends was formerly in a gang and threatened to punch out her teeth when they first met and one was completely anti-social. She appears to have spent most of her school days dealing with people ignoring and bullying her.

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