Chapter 1169 - Eternity - The Sovereign's Ascension

Under the blazing heat, Lin Yun’s internal organs burned like the rocks on the Spirit Astral Mountain. His entire body turned red and his face distorted from the pain. The 42 flaming pythons weren’t the most terrifying to Lin Yun since his physique was comparable to a saint artifact.

But the blazing heat from the flaming pythons was troublesome because it placed his internal organs in great pain. Lin Yun had thought of various means and made countless preparations, but he couldn’t prepare himself for the fire in his body.

He knew that he couldn’t allow this to continue. After all, his internal organs weren’t comparable to saint artifacts, and he would lose his life if he burned from the inside.

Finally, Lin Yun began to panic. He raised his head to look at the Demonic Astral Flowers covering the sky as the fear in his heart was swiftly increasing. As various solutions flashed through his mind, he rejected all of them because they were simply too difficult. If it was only the external flames, he could deal with them by relying on his sword intent.

But the flames came from within his body, and his internal organs were undergoing a different degree of damage. His heart was the only thing that wasn’t being burned to a crisp. This time, Lin Yun finally panicked because he knew that he would lose his life if he failed.

The panic only lasted for a second before Lin Yun gradually calmed down. The flames weren’t just for torture, but an opportunity. As long as he could bear it, his internal organs would be tempered by the fire.

Right at this moment, purple water ripples swept out of his body that immediately alleviated his pain. A chill swept throughout his body to calm down the fire. With the indigo aquatic light rippling in his body, it looked like an indigo ice phoenix was helping him fight. He couldn’t even feel any pain from his internal organs anymore under the chill.

Lin Yun was confused. But suddenly, the scene of him soaking in the lake before coming to the Spirit Astral Mountain appeared in his mind. At that time, Lil’ Purple was enveloped in a faint mist and he even teased her for it. After that, she splashed some water on him.

He didn’t know back then, but she did something to help him. Thinking about it, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling.

On a mountain far away, Lil’ Purple let out a sigh of relief. This was the best she could do to help Lin Yun. If Lin Yun had despair in his heart earlier, Lin Yun would have been doomed even with the Iris Saint Water. After all, one’s mentality was important. If someone was dead in their heart, they would be doomed to die.

“Iris Saint Water?” The sect master smiled when he saw the indigo light from Lin Yun’s body. “He’s really fortunate. No wonder he dares to make a breakthrough to the limit of the Heavenly Soul Realm.”

But the moment he was done, a rumbling sound echoed from the sea of flowers in the sky. Thunderclouds tumbled through the sky with golden bolts heading towards Lin Yun. The lightning bolts were terrifying, and over a hundred of them descended in the blink of an eye.

But Lin Yun was prepared. Purple-golden dragon runes appeared on the surface of his body to devour the lightning that struck him. The lightning tribulation that should be even more terrifying than the fire tribulation wasn’t that terrifying to Lin Yun. He simply absorbed the energy from the lightning.

Under the barrage of lightning, Lin Yun’s Azure Dragon Saint Physique began to brim with vitality. The lightning lasted for a long time as it streaked through the sky. When the lightning tribulation came to an end, a terrifying chill swept over.

The chill had instantly penetrated his body, turning him into an ice statue in the blink of an eye. But even so, there was no sign of the chill coming to an end. At the same time, the Spirit Astral Mountain swiftly turned into a mountain of ice, which made Lin Yun’s world seem white.

“What a terrifying blizzard…”

“Isn’t this blizzard a little too terrifying!” Even the core disciples could feel the terrifying chill from the blizzard in front of them. When everyone raised their heads, Lin Yun could no longer be seen in the blizzard.

While everyone watched uneasily, a resounding sword hum echoed from the snow mountain. Instantly, the blizzard was swept away as Lin Yun stood on his feet at the summit of the Spirit Astral Mountain.

“He’s still alive!”

“Lin Yun is still alive!” Everyone cheered with smiles on their faces as though they were the ones who had gone through the tribulation. Even Ye Ziling smiled when she saw this scene. The only person that wasn’t excited was Jiang Lichen.

After the blizzard, petals began to descend down from the sky. The petals were brimming with vitality that soon turned the surroundings into a towering forest. Although it was brimming with vitality, Lin Yun was facing his greatest trial as the grass began to grow on his body.

Lin Yun sighed inwardly. The vitality was terrifying as the grass could even tear apart a mountain, not to mention that the Demonic Astral Flowers within his body were all brimming with vitality.

Not long later, Lin Yun had all sorts of plants growing on his body that were sapping away his vitality. The plants were all using his body as nourishment to grow. In the end, Lin Yun’s chest burst open as a towering tree grew, instantly pushing his body into the ground.

This made Lin Yun clench his fist. When Lin Yun tried to circulate his astral energy, he could see a flower growing out of his fist. At the same time, mushrooms were also growing out of his fingers. The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched as he thought of a plan. Having experienced the fire tribulation, Lin Yun didn’t panic nor did he feel any despair.

He was terrifyingly calm on the inside because he knew that this tribulation was meant to erase his vitality. He closed his eyes and gathered all his sword intent in his pupils. Terrifying sword intent gathering in the sword cocoon at the center of his brows.

A long time later, when Lin Yun’s body was completely overrun by plants, he suddenly opened his eyes. A terrifying sword intent swept out from the center of his brows. The sword intent instantly erased all the plants on his body. Every time he destroyed a plant, Lin Yun would throw up a mouthful of blood and by the time he was done, he barely had any blood left in his body.

His body was only left with a skeleton frame and his vitality was quickly disappearing. Lin Yun struggled to get up before sitting down and taking a deep breath. When the Iris Flower bloomed beneath him, the vitality lingering in the air was swiftly absorbed into his body.

As boundless vitality poured into his body, Lin Yun’s Azure Dragon Saint Physique reached an unprecedented height. The wind had tempered his resistance, the fire tempered his organs, the lightning granted vitality to his organs, the ice allowed the vitality to be sealed into his organs, and the wood helped his final evolution.

“This is the last step.” The sect master said with a grave expression while his body lightly trembled. Lin Yun had already gotten through the tribulations so far, but the sect master knew that this was the point where most geniuses lost their lives. If Lin Yun couldn’t get past the last step, he would lose his life.

As the sea of flowers in the sky turned into gigantic seeds, the seeds were swiftly refined and absorbed by Lin Yun. At the same time, seven golden Demonic Astral Flowers appeared with seven petals each. Engraved on the petals were ancient runes that made the Demonic Astral Flowers look gorgeous and flawless. They even contained the aura of a monarch that made many people fall to the ground, twisting in pain.

As a golden light flashed, the seven Demonic Astral Flowers entered Lin Yun’s body. At the same time, waves of energy swept out from Lin Yun’s aura oceans, causing golden light to shine out from his pores. The dazzling radiance instantly forced many disciples to shut their eyes.

“He’s going to explode…” Jiang Lichen muttered inwardly with his eyes squinted.

He could tell that this was the last step, and that it was crucial for Lin Yun’s physique to bear the power. If Lin Yun couldn’t, he would explode.

At this moment, everyone became nervous and looked at Lin Yun despite their eyes turning bloodshot from the dazzling brilliance.

As the radiance became even brighter, the power began to grow like a volcano. No one could believe the power that Lin Yun was bearing in his body right now.

Just when everyone felt that Lin Yun was about to lose his life, the dazzling light suddenly disappeared. Then, Lin Yun’s voice sounded out from the Spirit Astral Mountain. At the same time, he stood up with a smile on his lips like a moon that would shine for eternity.

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