Chapter 1167 - A Mountain Ahead - The Sovereign's Ascension

When the fifth and sixth layers of the sky cracked, the starry sky became even more massive. The Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise Constellations looked more detailed and vivid than before.

It was just as Lin Yun had expected. The more layers of the sky he could tear apart, the more realistic the constellation would look. This also meant that he was only at the tip of the iceberg.

If he wanted to look at the true appearance of the starry sky, he would have to go beyond the 36 layers of heaven.

The sound of the sky cracking had caused an uproar on the lake in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect, especially with Jiang Lichen. He didn’t dare to believe that Lin Yun’s resonance with the Spirit Astral Mountain would allow him to break through two more layers.

“What the hell is he trying to do?” Jiang Lichen’s face sank with confusion because Lin Yun could’ve reached the Empyrean Realm if he wanted. In fact, he felt that Lin Yun could have reached the Galaxy Stage or even the pinnacle Galaxy Stage.

After all, Lin Yun’s foundation was too terrifying, especially his accumulation in the Heavenly Soul Realm. Although there wasn’t any improvement in his cultivation, he was strong enough to fight empyreans. As long as he didn’t face someone in the Astral Stage, no one would be able to suppress him in a confrontation.

At this point in time, Jiang Lichen couldn’t imagine how strong Lin Yun would become after reaching the Empyrean Realm. He could clearly reach the Empyrean Realm if he was willing, but he didn’t.

The law-enforcement elders beside the sect master all wore grave expressions as they watched Lin Yun.

As for Ye Ziling, her exterior was calm but her heart was in shock. She knew that Lin Yun was finally making a breakthrough to the limit of the Heavenly Soul Realm. The geniuses from the Ancient Barren Domain didn’t even dare to take the risk.

Only a transcendent genius would have the courage to attempt it, but even so, many of them failed to reach the limit of the Heavenly Soul Realm.

Everyone looked at Lin Yun who slowly stood up and turned to look at the Spirit Astral Mountain. When Lin Yun got close, his clothes and hair began to flutter wildly, and the starlight he was radiating also enveloped the entire lake and the sky.

Suddenly, the sky shattered once more, causing everyone’s jaws to drop. But before they could even react, two more shattering sounds rang out as the eighth and ninth layers broke apart. When starlight shined down, the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise Constellations shined even more brightly.

Lin Yun gently tapped his foot on the ground before he soared into the sky like a great roc before he landed on the summit of the Spirit Astral Mountain. Then, the starlight shined down on him from the ninth layer of heaven.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath as the star glories reconstructed and formed star groups. The first that appeared was the Azure Dragon’s head, followed by its torso, claws, and tail.

“This…” Jiang Lichen’s body began to tremble. He had made countless preparations for this and even absorbed a star group. But Lin Yun merely stood there and managed to attract all seven star groups of the Azure Dragon. Just how the hell did he manage to do that?

Jiang Lichen’s face became ugly because he was mocking Lin Yun just a moment ago. He didn’t expect to get slapped in the face by his own words.

“They’re going to construct the constellation…” Ye Ziling said. The moment she finished, the seven star groups had constructed the Azure Dragon Constellation. Although the constellation wasn’t comparable to the genuine Azure Dragon Constellation, the sight of the gigantic azure dragon appearing in the lake still left many people shocked.

Jiang Lichen was dumbfounded. After all, there was no way his Azure Dragon’s claw could be compared to an entire constellation. The difference between them was like a speck of dust comparing itself to the lofty clouds.

“Looks like Senior Brother was being humble. Compared to Lin Yun, your Azure Dragon’s claw is really nothing impressive,” laughed Liu Qingyan.

“I misunderstood you, Senior Brother Jiang. I thought that Senior Brother Jiang was showing off, but it turns out that you’re really humble!” Feng Zhang smiled as well.

The two of them weren’t pushovers. After all, Jiang Lichen had targeted Lin Yun earlier, so how would they let go of this opportunity to get back at him? When it was time to slap Jiang Lichen’s face, they definitely wouldn’t let it pass.

Feng Zhang and Liu Qingyan’s words were like two resounding slaps to Jiang Lichen that made his face turn red. Most importantly, they followed behind Ye Ziling most of the time, so there was nothing he could do to them.

Liu Qingyan and Feng Zhang looked at Jiang Lichen while they sneered inwardly. Jiang Lichen had underestimated Lin Yun. Who was Lin Yun? He was someone who mastered a sword technique with just seven steps. He even killed Luo Kui while he was in the Heavenly Soul Realm.

Although it was undeniable that Lin Yun was lucky in accomplishing that, it had already proven his strength. After all, no one would be stupid enough to allow someone in the Astral Stage to unleash their constellation after knowing that they would have no chance.

Since Jiang Lichen came to ask for slaps, Feng Zhang and Liu Qingyan naturally wouldn’t hesitate. But they also didn’t take it too far since they were all disciples of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect.

The azure dragon clashed with Lin Yun at the summit of the Spirit Astral Mountain before it was ultimately destroyed by Lin Yun with a punch. Then, countless fragments scattered on the ground. This left everyone briefly stunned before they rejoiced while they fought to collect the fragments. After all, these were the fragments of the constellation.

Before Lin Yun was a fist-sized constellation light. Looking at this scene, an elder sighed, “He’s going to make a breakthrough to the Empyrean Realm, right?”

As Lin Yun devoured the constellation light into his mouth, flames began to blaze on his body. The power contained in the Azure Dragon Constellation was simply too powerful. If it was someone ordinary, they would’ve been incinerated into ashes by now. But Lin Yun had a powerful physique, and his physique was akin to a saint artifact. As time passed, Lin Yun’s body became increasingly transparent like white jade.

“Still not going to make a breakthrough?” It had already been two hours, and Lin Yun was still tempering his body and slowly refining the constellation light with no signs of making a breakthrough. He wasn’t in a hurry, but everyone in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect was feeling anxious for him.

“Sect Master, why isn’t Lin Yun making a breakthrough? The constellation light is about to burn out, and it’ll be a waste if he doesn’t make a breakthrough!” A law-enforcement elder spoke up, which was supported by other elders nodding their heads.

“What the hell do you know?” The sect master cursed, “Why are you anxious when he isn’t? Shut your mouths if you don’t know anything.”

His curses instantly left all the elders dumbfounded. Although they knew that the sect master was direct, they still couldn’t help feeling awkward upon hearing that. As for the other law-enforcement elders, they quickly shut their mouths and dared not to utter another word.

After the sect master was done cursing the elders, he turned to look at Lin Yun with dense joy on his face. Lin Yun had been bearing it for the past six months and was stuck in the seventh soul Heavenly Soul Realm. So no one knew how much gossip Lin Yun had suffered.

But he ultimately endured everything, with a perseverance that put the sect master to shame. Even when Lin Yun was only one step away from the Empyrean Realm, Lin Yun still focused on tempering his physique, making the best use of the constellation light. Looking at Lin Yun, the sect master’s eyes blazed with flames. He had a look on his face that was even more excited than Lin Yun’s expression.

Suddenly, the sky turned dark as the constellation light burnt out. The sudden darkness was uncomfortable to everyone, but the sky was soon lit up when flowers fell from the sky. Each of the flowers was bewitching, and they were all Demonic Astral Flowers.

The entire sky was enveloped in a sea of flowers that formed an array. As the spiritual runes flickered on the flowers, they emitted an ancient aura and seven-colored light shined out of the array.

“All of you, get back down,” said the sect master while he waved his fan. This instantly sent everyone who was on the lake flying out.

Jiang Lichen also staggered to catch himself as he raised his head to look at the youth shining brightly. He finally knew what Lin Yun was trying to do. Lin Yun was trying to reach the limit of the Heavenly Soul Realm.

At this moment, Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect burst into chaos.

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