Chapter 1165 - Sky Shattering (1) - The Sovereign's Ascension

All of the core disciples found a spot for themselves on the lake. Meanwhile, Lin Yun looked at the Spirit Astral Mountain unhurried. He was observing the connection between the four constellations and the Spirit Astral Mountain.

The other stronger disciples, such as Ye Ziling and Jiang Lichen, weren’t anxious either. The Spirit Astral Mountain would exist for a long time, but the amount of astral energy they could absorb was determined by their cultivation technique, physique, and comprehension.

In other words, it had nothing to do with who started first. A brief moment later, Lin Yun had faintly found an answer. The Spirit Astral Mountain was akin to a magnet that attracted starlight. Rather than calling it astral energy, it was more befitting to call the starlight astral spirits. It was a lot purer than the astral energy that empyreans could absorb from the stars.

Lin Yun’s objective needed to be compatibility with the Spirit Astral Mountain, causing the starlight to fall on him on its own. He couldn’t rely on devouring it by force. Realizing this, Lin Yun nodded his head inwardly, “I see…”

It wasn’t hard to figure out and all the core disciples with high talent had a similar comprehension. But even if they knew about it, they weren’t sure if they could achieve it.

Jiang Lichen looked at Lin Yun and smirked because he had a deeper understanding of the Spirit Astral Mountain. After all, he was the one who convinced the sect master to open the Spirit Astral Mountain. Naturally, he had many preparations.

I’ll thoroughly embarrass you later! Jiang Lichen thought inwardly. After all, Lin Yun had stolen the limelight even though Jiang Lichen was the chief disciple of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect.

When Lin Yun retracted his gaze from the Spirit Astral Mountain, he coincidentally bumped gazes with Ye Ziling. The relationship between the two of them had been terrible recently, but they both admired each other’s talent. So they both nodded their heads at each other.

“The Spirit Astral Mountain is really magical, and this is with four layers of sky shattered. I wonder what it’ll be like when all 36 layers are broken…” Lin Yun muttered with a grave expression because he noticed that this opportunity was a lot better than he had imagined.

It was the perfect time for him to reach the limit of the Heavenly Soul Realm, and it was even better than using a Divine Blood Fruit.

Knowing that it was time for him to get started, Lin Yun sat down without any hesitation and began to circulate the Iris Sword Sutra, creating a silver iris flower beneath him. The silver iris flower was shining brightly, even brighter than the astral spirits shining down in the darkness.

As Lin Yun circulated the Iris Sword Sutra, all the starlight in the surroundings was devoured by the silver light that the Iris Flower was giving off. When the astral spirit continued to pour into his body, it sounded like a surging river.

But it caused no fluctuation to his physique because his body was like a massive ocean, and the astral spirit pouring into his body was akin to a small lake. This was Lin Yun’s foundation, the power of the Azure Dragon Saint Physique.

Jiang Lichen was a fool if he thought he could compete with Lin Yun. Jiang Lichen found the wrong opponent because he wasn’t even comparable to Ye Ziling. How could he possibly compete with Lin Yun?

But Jiang Lichen clearly knew nothing about Lin Yun. After all, he was still planning to shock everyone.

So what if Lin Yun is handsome? So what if he was good at getting close to women? True men will shine brightly and everyone will respect them. I am a true man. Countless thought flowed through Jiang Lichen’s head as he began to devour the astral spirits.

It didn’t take long for the surface of his body to shine brightly with starlight. When he opened his eyes slightly and saw that there was no commotion from Lin Yun, he couldn’t help wearing a mocking smile because it had gone just as he had expected.

As time continued to pass, the entire lake fell into silence.

“This is weird… Lin Yun clearly has a powerful cultivation technique, but it doesn’t seem to be efficient in devouring the astral spirits.” A law-enforcing elder said in doubt.

Truth be told, the other elders also noticed how low the efficiency was for Lin Yun to absorb astral spirits. Lin Yun’s efficiency in absorbing the astral spirits was even lower compared to the core disciples. As the core disciples continued to absorb astral spirits, they would be enveloped in the starlight that was seeping out from their pores to make them shine as bright as stars.

However, no such phenomenon appeared on Lin Yun. The starlight that Lin Yun gave off was so dim that it was outshined by the light coming from the Iris Flower.

On the other hand, core disciples like Feng Zhang and Liu Qingyan were also shining more light than Lin Yun. It looked like he was the only one that wasn’t absorbing any astral spirits.

But the sect master wasn’t bothered with that as his gaze was on Lin Yun from the start. He didn’t even bat an eye at Ye Ziling or the other core disciples. It was as if everyone else was invisible.

Four hours later, core disciples began to obtain resonance with the Spirit Astral Mountain that made the four constellations shine their starlight for them and not the Spirit Astral Mountain.

Many failed to reach this point because it wasn’t simple. Once a cultivator failed, they wouldn’t be able to absorb astral spirits anymore.

Then again, even failures received a lot of benefits from being here. Many people had reached the limit of what their physique could bear, so it was futile for them to continue. So failure wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Hehe. Feng Zhang, that brat succeeded!” A law-enforcing elder smiled while he stroked his beard, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

Feng Zhang was enveloped in dense starlight. When the density of the starlight reached its limit, he had obtained resonance with the Azure Dragon Constellation.

When two beams of light descended from the starry sky, an elder spoke out upon looking at it, “Glorymetal and Glorywood. Not bad, I guess.”

It might seem complicated, but it was actually simple. The Azure Dragon Constellation, for example, consisted of seven star groups that represented the dragon head, dragon body, dragon tail, and the four dragon claws.

Each star group was further divided into seven star glories. They were also known as Glorymetal, Glorywood, Glorywater, Gloryfire, Gloryearth, Glorysun, and Glorymoon just like in the Heavenly Path. So it was pretty outstanding for Feng Zhang since he could attract two star glories among all the core disciples.

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