Chapter 1150 - The First Order

Chapter 1150: 100% “commander slaying” technique

Qian Weining’s trusted aide was not mistaken. When the grenade suddenly exploded in the dark, Qian Weining and his men were all shocked by the explosion, and even Melgor was trembling in fright.

But as the campfires had been put out, Qian Weining’s trusted aide did not really get a clear look, so he couldn’t be sure.

Qian Weining said, “What the hell are you talking about? How could Melgor possibly get frightened by his own spell? Hurry up and rein in the horses. If they get spooked, our subsequent plans are done for!”

Seeing that no one was around them, Melgor looked at Ren Xiaosu in shock and said, “What was that?”

“Keep reciting the incantations. If you have any questions, ask them later,” Ren Xiaosu ordered.

Honestly, it had been a long time since Ren Xiaosu had thrown a grenade through the Shadow Door. Now that he picked up his old combo again and recalled the days when he had just become a supernatural being, it actually felt a little nostalgic.

With the reminder, Melgor quickly continued mumbling the “incantations” loudly. He even purposely raised his voice so everyone in the camp would know the explosion was his work, although he did not know what he was reciting either.

However, some observant person in the camp wondered, “Why does it seem like Lord Melgor’s incantations are always different each time?!”

A nearby guard snapped, “That’s the language of the Magi, like you’d know anything about it!”

“But it sounds different every time he recites it.”

Amid the guards’ exchange, explosions boomed again. They were even happening very frequently.

The sound seemingly brought the soldiers back to a small-scale war between the various sorcerer clans a few years ago. However, the explosions at that time were caused by more than a dozen sorcerers casting their spells together. But now Melgor achieved the same effect all by himself.

“How can he be a junior sorcerer?” Qian Weining muttered, “Even if a junior sorcerer can master a higher level of sorcery, there’s no chance it would sound like this. Moreover, it’s impossible that a junior sorcerer can cast spells with such frequency. He should be absolutely exhausted after casting a few times, right?”

His trusted aide suddenly said, “Sir, what kind of spell do you think that was? Judging by the noise of the explosion…”

Qian Weining suddenly looked up, “Boiling Airburst? Lightning Strike? Wait, it’s the Boiling Airburst spell. The Norman family’s Boiling Airburst spell!” Qian Weining seemed to have figured out many things.

Boiling Airburst was an exclusive spell to the House of Norman and was not imparted to others outside the clan. It was also one of their favorite spells to use on the battlefield and was extremely powerful.

The Norman family’s eternal enemy was the Tudor family, while Melgor was someone the Tudor family wanted to kill. Therefore, did the Norman family groom a fringe sorcerer like Melgor so they could bait the Tudor family and tarnish their reputation?

Yes, that had to be it! Otherwise, how else could he explain why Melgor could conjure up Boiling Airburst?

Suddenly, Qian Weining started feeling a little regretful. He thought he had made use of Melgor, but he didn’t expect to actually get dragged into the Norman and the Tudor families’ feud all because of the lowly Melgor.

In just one minute, the conniving Qian Weining imagined a political battle between the top sorcerer clans.

Of course, this was exactly what Ren Xiaosu wanted Qian Weining to assume.

Once news of Melgor mastering the Boiling Airburst spell spread, the Norman family’s support for Melgor would become the subject of speculation for many people. However, Ren Xiaosu did not plan that far. He only wanted to cause some trouble for the Houses of Norman and Tudor.

Ren Xiaosu did not have the talent to scheme against an enemy like P5092 and Qing Zhen. Although he was extremely cautious, he would have to be really talented if he wanted to reach their level of devising strategies. So he mostly made his moves without a detailed plan. He did not even know how he killed the enemy.

The process was not important. All that mattered was that the enemy was dead.

However, a surprise suddenly interrupted everyone’s thoughts.

The enemies lurking outside the perimeter were running in all directions after being hit by the grenade blasts. No one knew at which moment the next explosion would occur.

As a young man was running, he suddenly felt someone stuffing something into his hand. He instinctively held it up and glanced at it. “What’s this black-lookin’ thing?”


In the chaos, everyone heard someone scream in the darkness outside, “Sir, are you alright? Sir!”

Qian Weining was confused. Melgor was as well.

Ren Xiaosu sighed emotionally. Sure enough, it happened again.

His 100% “commander slaying” technique!

Right now, Ren Xiaosu was sure there were only two possibilities for such a situation to occur. One was that he was really blessed with a passive luck attribute, and the other was that Yan Liuyuan had constantly used his wish manipulation power to bless him!

The trotting of the horses outside the wagon fort became tumultuous. It was no longer coordinated like it was at the beginning.

In a battle that lacked conviction, troops would quickly fall into a state of disarray once the commander died.

Qian Weining’s trusted aide asked, “Sir, should we charge out to finish off the remaining enemies? Their commander is dead.”

“Hold steady for now,” Qian Weining ordered while pulling the reins of his horse. “What if the enemy is trying to pull a trick on us? We’ll just hide behind the wagon fort for now. With Lord Melgor around, there’s no worry that they’ll break through the perimeter. Pass it along. I want everyone to wait patiently for my next orders!”

The enemy outside seemed to have started retreating. After a short pause, the galloping of horses faded into the distance.

Qian Weining shouted, “Yao Bo, lead your men out to make an inspection. Be careful!”

The guard named Yao Bo lifted his lance and led his men through a tiny gap in the wagon fort. After a while, Yao Bo shouted from afar, “Sir, they’re gone. There’s bodies all over the ground here!”

“Let me confirm that!” Qian Weining quickly made his way to the battlefield. When he saw the enemy corpses, he couldn’t help but gasp. ‘Holy crap! These enemies died so terribly!‘

“Is Boiling Airburst really that terrifying? I’ve only heard of it, but now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it sends a chill down my spine,” Qian Weining said emotionally.

“But isn’t the Boiling Airburst spell exclusive to the Norman family?” Qian Weining’s trusted aide asked softly at the side.

“Shh…” Qian Weining glared at him. “Don’t mention that again. It’s not something we can speculate on. However, it’s actually good for us that the Norman family is trying to make things difficult for the Tudor family!”

“Mhm.” His trusted aide agreed.

At this moment, Qian Weining shouted back at the camp, “The crisis has been averted. The enemy has really retreated!”

When they heard that, the camp suddenly erupted into cheers. Ren Xiaosu took the lead and chanted, “Melgor! Melgor! Melgor!”

With that, everyone at the camp started chanting Melgor’s name.

A merchant came up to Melgor excitedly and said, “Lord Melgor, you’re really amazing. May I know how you did that?”

Melgor smiled but did not say anything. He thought to himself, ‘I’d also like to know how I did it!‘

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