Chapter 965 - Gunshots Were Heard Everywhere - The Real Young Miss’s Secret Identities Revealed

Yue Qing was also the son of the Yue family.

Such a huge incident should not have been hidden from her.

Jiang Li not only told Yue Qing everything that had happened, but she also told her that she had found out where her parents had been taken, but she needed a meticulous plan.

“The biggest problem in the residential area is that the environment is complicated and there are too many people coming and going. They might hurt our parents, and they might even take advantage of the chaos to escape.”

They had to catch them.

To prevent future trouble.

Yue Qing cursed angrily and said angrily to Jiang Li, “What organization? Black Crow? And you guys…”

The dark forces were related to Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li, right?

Yue Qing did not continue to argue with them. Instead, after asking for the address, he suggested that he would go to save them first.

“No!” Jiang Li immediately refused.

Yue Qing sneered and said, “Why not? Do they know me?”

Jiang Li was stunned. She did not expect Yue Qing to ask such a crucial question.

Did the Black Crow organization know anything about Yue Qing?

If he just went to see the house as a tenant, it would be very easy for him to enter that apartment building.

Yue Qing did not listen to Jiang Li’s plan. He hung up the phone quickly and went to make the arrangements.

Jiang Li was especially uneasy. She turned to look at Fu Jiuxiao. “Xiao, is he too impulsive?”

“No decision is impulsive now!” Fu Jiuxiao reminded her in a deep voice.

The safety of the elders was the most important thing.

Whether they followed Ji Dun’s request or not, there was no guarantee that the elders would be safe.

“He should go and take a look first. Maybe he can find a suitable time!” Fu Jiuxiao was also considering all kinds of possibilities. He even thought that he and Jiang Li should reveal their whereabouts and attract the attention of the Black Crow Organization. Then, they could create an opportunity for Yue Qing.

Maybe this was a good idea?

Yue Qing was the first to rush to the outside of the apartment. He brought two bodyguards dressed as assistants and looked for the apartment for rent.

According to the private detective, the three people who betrayed Fu Jiuxiao lived across the street.

It was especially quiet inside. There was no sound at all.

Yue Qing was not sure. He estimated that Jiang Li should be arriving soon.

He could only create a big commotion when he was looking at the apartments. He took the opportunity to have a conflict with the people in the opposite apartment and successfully rushed into the room to interrupt the fight.

He also noticed that Kong Xia and Yue Ji, who were locked in the bathroom, were being watched by an assassin.

A bodyguard immediately rushed in and fought with the assassin, trying his best to protect the safety of the elders.

The others finally realized that Yue Qing was not here to look at the apartment. He was here to save people, so they did not hold back and started fighting with Yue Qing.

When Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li rushed over, they clearly heard two gunshots.

Oh no!

Shots were still fired.

Jiang Li’s first thought was that they should evacuate all the residents of this apartment building so that they would have fewer obstacles.

However, when they reached the apartment, they found that Yue Qing and another bodyguard were shot.

Ji Dun lay in a pool of blood with his eyes wide open. He coughed from time to time and his pupils were beginning to dilate. It seemed that he did not know why he was shot by his companion.

“Brother!” Jiang Li ran to Yue Qing hurriedly.

Yue Qing stretched out her finger with difficulty and pointed at the bathroom. “Dad and mom are all inside!”

The bodyguards who stayed in the bathroom were also seriously injured, but the elders only curled up in a corner and were unconscious.


They should be fine.

“I’ll call an ambulance!” Fu Jiuxiao was about to stand up when he was pushed into the bathroom by the bodyguards behind him.

The bullet penetrated the wall.

If Fu Jiuxiao did not dodge in time, he would have been shot in the head.

The assassins squeezed in through the door. They were all holding guns, and they did not care that there might be other people in the room, so they attacked indiscriminately.

Fu Jiuxiao held Jiang Li tightly in his arms and closed the bathroom door to resist.

Yue Qing was injured and lying on the ground, so he might not have time to find cover.

Jiang Li was so anxious that her forehead was covered in sweat, but the gunshots outside were too dense, so she could not rush out.

It was not just in this room.

The entire floor was filled with intense gunshots. With such a big commotion, there was no lack of people who knew about it.

However, even with such a loud noise, Yue Ji and Kong Xia did not show any signs of waking up. It was clear that their condition was not good, and they needed to go to the hospital immediately.

The gunshots stopped!

Was the situation fine?

Jiang Li tried to open the bathroom door, but she remembered that her parents were behind them, so she did not dare to take the risk.

Her face was pale, and she could only lean on Fu Jiuxiao’s shoulder, waiting for the right time.

It was not until they heard Yun Ya calling out ‘boss’ that they opened the door and ran out to check the situation.

The subordinates of the resort arrived in time and cooperated with the police, successfully suppressing the assassins and rushing over to save her.

Jiang Li stumbled and ran to where Yue Qing was lying, only to find that there was no one there, only blood.

“Xiao, my brother is missing!” Jiang Li immediately panicked.

Could it be that the assassins of the Black Crow Organization had taken Yue Qing away?

“Mr. Yue is here.” The bodyguard crawled out of a room and answered weakly.

Yue Qing was dragged into the room in time. They closed the door and hid, but he had bled too much and was already unconscious.

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