Chapter 768 - The Male Lead Could Not Be Contacted - The Male Main’s Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me

“It’s not impossible.”

Huo Chenhuan hesitated for a moment and told him about finding out that Dou Tianyi had secretly sent someone to investigate Su Yayan.

“I had a couple of smoke bombs put out at the time to draw their attention away. And they did stop for a while…”

Huo Chenhuan believed in the skills of Yu Ziyan and the others. He only thought that Dou Tianyi had been busy for a few months and could not find anyone, so he took the risk and went straight to Su Yayan’s restaurant to try his luck.

A certain someone who had fallen into a blind spot would never have thought that he had spent so much effort to lure her out, only to be exposed by a diamond ring in the end.

When Zheng Qianyang heard his words, his expression turned solemn.

He had sensed what Su Yayan was holding after she returned.

Although he did not know where she had obtained these things, it was precisely because of them that Huo Chenhuan could recover to his current state.

Zheng Qianyang had no intention of prying into the secrets of the younger generation, but he knew that a man’s wealth was his own ruin.

If you were really close to death, some people would not care if you were in a difficult position. Human nature could not withstand the test of one’s life and interests.

“This matter is indeed a little tricky. It’s fine if the person who helped treat him knows how to be grateful, but if he takes it for granted, then…” Zheng Qianyang frowned. “Since this Young Master Dou is with that woman, it’s very likely the latter.”

How could Huo Chenhuan not understand this? A hint of coldness flashed across his eyes. “Yes.”

It was best if Dou Tianyi could not find out anything. However, it did not matter if he found out.

Since this person was with Wen Jingping, it was only a matter of time before he came face to face with them.

Dou Tianyi’s sudden appearance reminded Su Yayan of Wen Jingping, who did not have much presence recently.

Wen Jingping seemed to have kept a low profile during this period of time and did not cause any trouble.

After careful investigation, she realized that it was not that she did not want to cause trouble, but that she could not protect herself and did not have the energy to do so.

Ever since the production team announced her identity as the female lead of the new drama that day, Wen Jingping had been in deep trouble.

A newcomer who had just entered the industry and had just debuted as the female lead of a major production that the company had invested heavily in had already made countless people envious.

Ever since she became the female lead of this drama, countless pairs of eyes in the company had been staring at her.

Many female artistes were even guessing behind her back how big her backer was and how rich her family was to be able to be the female lead the moment she entered the company.

Before they could guess why, the previous comments on Wen Jingping had hit her reputation hard.

Not only that, but Zhuo Wanshu’s sudden withdrawal from the production team had also become the last straw.

Wen Jingping actually did not feel much about this famous flower, or rather, she was a little envious and jealous of her. After all, what Zhuo Wanshu had obtained now was exactly what she had dreamed of.

However, she never expected that Zhuo Wanshu would directly announce her withdrawal from the production team when she was being criticized by the entire internet.

Zhuo Wanshu’s action was completely roasting Wen Jingping over the fire.

Even if she had helped give a reasonably reasonable reason before she left, the blame was destined to fall on her.

Wen Jingping was shocked and furious. Her first reaction was to run to Dou Tianyi for help and ask him to ban this woman who had disobeyed the company’s arrangements.

As it turned out, Wen Jingping still thought too highly of herself.

None of the countless calls she had made went through, and Dou Tianyi had completely lost contact with her since that day.

Still, that was not the scariest part.

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