Chapter 1440 - Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 1440: Shut Up

Bo Chengjiang raised an eyebrow as Bo Jinchuan pushed Ji Fengmian in.

“Heh, you’ve always been arrogant and conceited. Why would you care about your reputation?”

After pushing Ji Fengmian to an empty seat, Bo Jinchuan bent down and sat on the other side of the conference table. He leaned back in his chair and said calmly,

“I used to be alone, but now… I have a wife. I still need to make her proud.”




Everyone facepalmed.

Yu Song stood at the side with his eyes closed, his lips twitching.

How reckless!

Did Master know why he was sitting here?

A large part of the reason was because of Madam!!!

Was Old Master’s decision not firm enough? Did he have to add fuel to the fire?

Indeed, when Old Master Bo heard Bo Jinchuan’s words, his face darkened.

She slammed the table and stared at him coldly.

“Bo Jinchuan, you can’t live without a woman, right?”

Bo Jinchuan remained calm and said coldly, “If this woman’s name is Shen Fanxing…”

Old Master Bo’s chest heaved violently and his eyes turned terrifyingly red.

“Bo Jinchuan, are you really going to sacrifice everything you have for a woman? Don’t you find this ridiculous?”

Bo Jinchuan smiled and didn’t comment. He looked down at his watch and said calmly,

“It’s time to start the meeting.”

She acted as if she didn’t care.

Old Master Bo looked at Bo Jinchuan in disappointment. “You’re still unrepentant?”

“Grandpa,” Bo Jinchuan suddenly said coldly, “There’s no need to say anything else. Let’s get straight to the point. Let’s not waste time on this matter. The ownership of the company is in your hands. But before you announce your decision, let me make my stand clear—

If I don’t have the right to succeed the chairman, I won’t want the position of CEO… Although I’ve said this before, this time…

He raised his hand and Yu Song immediately handed him the two documents. Then, Bo Jinchuan slowly opened the documents and threw them on the table in front of everyone. “The resignation document is here. Once your decision is not mine, I will sign it on the spot and leave the Bo Consortium completely. I will not participate in any decisions made by the Bo Consortium. As for the shares in my hands…”

His slender fingers tapped on one of the documents and pushed it in front of Bo Jinhang. “I’ll hand it over to Jinghang unconditionally.”




The atmosphere in the conference room instantly tensed up. Everyone didn’t even dare to breathe.

She signed the resignation letter on the spot…

The shares were all cleared.

She was afraid that she would really leave the Bo Consortium without any involvement.

This was really… amazing!

This sudden decision caught everyone off guard. They had thought that no matter what, Bo Jinchuan still had the company’s shares. As long as he appeared, there would be a direction for everything. But now, he really wanted to retreat.

In the quiet conference room, Old Master’s heavy breathing became clearer.

“Are you threatening me?!”

Bo Jinchuan pursed his lips and said, “If you think it’s a threat, then yes.”

The old man narrowed his eyes, unable to hide his anger.

After a long while, he sneered and said, “Do you think the Bo Consortium can’t survive without you? You’re so impulsive to anger me because of a woman. I think something will happen to the company if I leave it to you! Alright, you can leave the company if you want…”

“Old Master, please reconsider!”

Seeing that the old man was about to make a decision on impulse, a few shareholders immediately stopped him.

“The Bo Consortium has been developing optimistically under the leadership of the CEO. He is your biological grandson. You have to believe that he will manage the Bo Consortium better in the future!”

“That’s right, Old Master. Besides, CEO Shen is a smart woman. For her to be able to manage Stars International to such an extent, it proves that she is capable and capable. With the two of them together, the Bo Consortium shouldn’t have much of a problem…”

“Why must it be the eldest daughter of the Yuan family? Other than her family background, she’s really not as capable as CEO Shen. Besides, CEO Shen’s family background isn’t that bad…”

“Chairman Wang, we’re all sensible people. Don’t be biased. CEO Shen’s family background isn’t bad, but compared to the Yuan Corporation, it’s indeed far inferior. Moreover, the Yuan family has clearly expressed their attitude. As long as the CEO marries, the Yuan family will be a branch of the Bo family in the future. Why would they give up such a good thing without thinking? Isn’t it a pity?”

“But the Yuan family lost a huge business deal. It’s not as good as before. CEO Shen said…”

“It’s true that it’s not as good as before. CEO Shen has also said that she wants to use the Yuan family as her dowry. But don’t forget that the Yuan family has a relationship with Princess Ava from Country Y. It’s just that someone snatched her business. Do you think that Yuan Zhengchong is really going to Country Y to attend the state banquet?”

“That’s right. All these years, Princess Ava has used her status to help the poor Ye family become one of the top tycoons in Country Y. Since Yuan Zhengchong has spoken, she can’t reject him…”

“At the end of the day, our Bo Consortium has given up on the Yuan family and the royal family of Country Y!”


The meeting room fell silent again. The directors who sided with Bo Jinchuan were speechless.

When Bo Chengjiang saw this scene, he chuckled and pushed the magazines and newspapers in front of him to the middle.

“I don’t deny my nephew’s ability at work, but his taste in choosing women is really poor. Isn’t it just that his family background isn’t good? But he shouldn’t go so far as to cheat the Queen of Country Y, right? Now that the truth is out, how many people will laugh at him…”

Everyone fell silent again. They had seen the news. Shen Fanxing had been identified as a swindler at Country Y’s banquet. Now, the entire world probably knew about this news.

He wondered what she was thinking…

They shook their heads and sighed.

Ji Fengmian’s eyes narrowed and his lips curled.

She placed her hands on the armrests on both sides of the wheelchair and flicked her fingers in boredom.

At the mention of this news, Old Master Bo felt humiliated.

“Hmph, he’s simply helpless and stupid. How dare he lie to the royal family…”

“Shut up.” A cold and emotionless voice sounded. It was flat and emotionless.

Everyone held their breaths and turned their heads.

Bo Jinchuan placed a hand on the conference table. His face was terrifyingly cold. The voice just now had undoubtedly come from his mouth.

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