Chapter 1224 - Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 1224: You Took Photos of Me? (2)

“I’m unlucky this time. I admit defeat. Are you happy now?”

Ying Yimei behaved like an arrogant princess. She looked down at the crowd proudly.

She had lost.

She had to admit defeat.

If she had a chance to redo it, she would make sure she would not lose.

“Can I leave now?”

Ying Yimei stepped on the carpet barefoot. A gust of wind blew past as she walked out.

The figure of Ying Yimei wrapped in bedsheets faded from their view.

Ying Yimei had left. To the people at the banquet, she was only a pawn.

It did not matter who Ying Yimei was or who she was married to.

The crux of the matter was that Grandma Li was at the center of all this drama.

Grandma Li looked at the crowd and raised her voice indignantly. “Why are you all looking at me like that? Do you want to call the police?”

Li Qingcang looked at her and laughed. “Grandma, I cannot afford to embarass the family by alarming the police. I just want to ask you, am I your grandson? How could you drug me like that? What if it was poisonous?”

Grandma Li retorted, “It’s not poison, it’s just to make you…”

“Mom, how can you do this? I’m so disappointed in you. I don’t care what this is. You shouldn’t have let Qingcang drink it. Do you even care about your family?”

If she had treated them as family, she would never have colluded with an outsider to harm them.

It was her son, whom she had placed high hopes on.

Did she realize that if her plan succeeded, the Lis would become enemies with the Xies?

“Who said you didn’t have to listen to me? I already said I don’t like her.”

Grandma Li would never admit that she had done anything wrong. She did not understand why everyone liked Ye Tianxin or what was so good about her.

Old Grandma Xie looked at Grandma Li and burst out laughing. “I was wrong. I should have let you divorce earlier.”

Years ago, Grandma Li had gone to Old Grandma Xie, sobbing and begging for her to mediate. Old Grandma Xie thought that even though Grandma Li had her shortcomings, she had given birth to the Lis children. She had been a dutiful wife and mother to Grandpa Li. She had advised Grandpa Li not to divorce her on account of the children.

Old Grandma Xie now realized that she should have never intervened.

It was precisely because she had interfered in another family’s affairs that Grandpa Li stayed away and did not want to go home all these years.

Although he had left her, he did not divorce Grandma Li legally. The most that he could do was keep each other physically apart

“Li Hang, tell your dad that I was wrong before. If he wants to get a divorce now, he can go ahead.”

Old Grandma Xie held on Ye Tianxin’s hand tightly. She turned around and glanced at Grandma Li.

“Tianxin, come home with me. You are part of the Xie family. We won’t let anyone bully you.”

Ye Tianxin held on to Old Grandma Xie’s arm and cast a glance at Li Qingcang whose lips curled into a smile.

The Xie family and the other guests left. Only the Li family remained in the clubhouse.

Grandma Li was sitting on the couch looking at Li Xingchen and Li Qingcang’s emotionless expressions.

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