Chapter 844 - : Older Brother and Younger Brother - Princess Is Glamorous In Modern Day

Ever since An Rao posted on Weibo, she had been happily scrolling through the comments.

“There are only those three words after so many comments. You’ve been looking at it for five minutes. Is it that interesting?” Bo Xiao was amused by An Rao’s silly look.

The comments on An Rao’s Weibo were filled with the words “Madam Bo” that the netizens had commented with. However, An Rao flipped from top to bottom and looked at everyone’s comments seriously.

“Do you like it when others call you that?” Bo Xiao took An Rao’s phone away and forced her to focus on him.

“It’s okay.” An Rao snorted softly, but the smile on her lips could not be suppressed.

“Madam Bo.” Bo Xiao approached An Rao and caught her off guard. His deep voice spilled into her ear, causing An Rao’s eyes to widen slightly.

“You…” An Rao’s heart fluttered at Bo Xiao’s call.

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“Silly.” Bo Xiao chuckled. “Call me Hubby.”

“Annoying.” An Rao was a little embarrassed, her face flushed red.

“Call me. I like hearing you call me.” Bo Xiao pinched An Rao’s face. Feeling the warmth of his fingertips, his heart warmed.

An Rao said that she was extremely lucky to have met me. In fact, am I not lucky to have met An Rao too?

“Hubby,” An Rao finally called out, but in the next second, Bo Xiao kissed her.

The matter between An Rao and Bo Xiao was known throughout the city, and An Lin had seen the Weibo post they had posted early on.

Seeing that the handsome Bo Xiao’s eyes were filled with An Rao, anger flashed across An Lin’s eyes.

Although Wei Zimu treated her well and was not stingy with gifts, she had never seen such a gaze in Wei Zimu’s eyes.

Bo Xiao looked at An Rao helplessly and dotingly, his eyes shining.

Even though she already had a high-quality boyfriend like Wei Zimu, An Lin still subconsciously felt jealous of An Rao when she saw her shining with happiness. She subconsciously wanted to snatch everything from An Rao and take it for herself like before.

An Rao, that fool with only a beautiful face, only knew how to reincarnate. She was born with the life of a lady. What right did she have to have such a good love?

The more she looked at it, the more she felt that the love in Bo Xiao’s eyes was blinding. An Lin was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone out. At that moment, her phone rang.

Upon seeing the caller, An Lin hurriedly composed herself. In her joy, she called out shyly, “Senior, I thought you wouldn’t call me anymore.”

“Why would I?” There was a smile in Yu Qian’s tone. “I’ll pick you up for dinner tonight.”

“Okay, the weather is cold today. Senior, you have to take care of your health.” An Lin cared for Yu Qian considerately.

On the other end of the line, Yu Qian was playing with the sycamore leaves that had been made into specimens. There was no warmth in his eyes. “The weather is cold. Add two more clothings for my brother.”

“Yes.” The message was quickly transmitted.

In an underground laboratory far from China, to maintain the temperature needed for the drug reaction, even though the underground temperature could be considered cold, there was no heat-generation equipment in the laboratory.

Wei Zimu’s lips were purple from the cold. He was wearing a shirt. After too long, the color of the shirt had become a little yellow.

There were cold metal instruments everywhere, making one’s heart turn cold. Wei Zimu hugged his arm and curled up in the corner.

Even in such an extreme environment, there was still a hint of light in Wei Zimu’s eyes.

The door suddenly opened. Wei Zimu narrowed his eyes and looked in front. Jayce, who had lost a hand, threw two clothes and a blanket at Wei Zimu. He looked at him fiercely and closed the door again.

Wei Zimu put on the clothes for himself with trembling hands and wrapped the blanket around him. Feeling the warmth that he had not felt in a long time, Wei Zimu sighed softly.

Although Yu Qian had promised not to hurt Xia Wanyuan, Wei Zimu was still a little worried.

Even though he was already in a hell-like state, he still couldn’t help but wonder if Xia Wanyuan was doing well

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