Chapter 1208 - Team Building Event (3) - From Sidekick to Bigshot

In addition to the barbecue, Jian Yiling also brought along a casserole pot to make soup.

When he saw the simmering soup, Jian Yunnao felt a little embarrassed and awkward.

A few years back, he deliberately spilled the soup that Jian Yiling brought for him.

And then… In those five years, he never got to drink the soup that Jian Yiling made.

And thus, Jian Yunnao stared at the soup intently. It was as though he had starved for several days.

When Jian Yunmo noticed the expression on his brother’s face, he began to smile.

He knew what was in his little brother’s mind. However, he would not help him with such a thing. Jian Yunnao should ask Jian Yiling by himself. He had to take the first step forward.

When the soup was finally ready, Jian Yiling first served a bowl to Luo Xiuen.

“Wow, it’s so delicious. Darling, your cooking is amazing as always. I missed your soup so much. Especially after I gave birth to my son. Even though Brother Yumin went to so many stores around Beijing and brought all kinds of soup, none of them tasted like this one.”

Then, Jian Yiling handed a bowl of soup to Jian Yunmo.

“It’s very refreshing. It perfectly complements the greasy barbecue we’re having today.”

Luo Xiuen added: “Zhai Yunsheng is way too lucky.”

As they said this, Jian Yunnao watched from the side in envy.

The soup was right in front of him. However, without Jian Yiling’s permission, he didn’t dare to serve himself a bowl.

After a while, when Jian Yiling got out the third bowl of soup, she brought it to him under his burning gaze.

Jian Yunnao hurriedly took the bowl with both hands.

“Thank… Thank you Yiling,” Jian Yunnao said as he held onto the bowl. He cradled it in his hands. If someone didn’t know better, they’d assume he was holding onto a treasure.

“It’s delicious,” Jian Yunnao said after he drank from the bowl. There was a foolish smile on his face.

When Jian Yunmo saw the smile on his brother’s face, he couldn’t help but comment: “I really want to record the look on your face. Your fans must have never seen this foolish look.”

“You can go ahead. I’m not scared.”

Jian Yunnao had learned from Brother Yumin.

Fans would never be with you forever.

A persona would sooner or later collapse.

In his mind, nothing was as precious as a bowl of soup that his sister made.

Jian Yunmo laughed when he heard this. However, he didn’t take out his phone to take a photo of his brother.

After Jian Yunnao finished a bowl of soup, he carefully held the empty bowl in front of Jian Yiling and asked: “Yiling, can I have another bowl?

“Mhmm,” Jian Yiling replied as she handed the spoon to Jian Yunnao. “Get some yourself.”

“Okay!” Jian Yunnao said as he carefully put soup into his bowl.

When Luo Xiuen saw this, she said: “What’s wrong with you? Why are you not touching the skewers? Why are you so focused on drinking the soup that Yiling made?”

She knew that the soup was delicious. But it wasn’t delicious to that extent, was it?

However, Jian Yunnao merely smiled and said: “It’s very delicious.”

Jian Yiling looked at Jian Yunnao when she heard this. She seemed to have remembered something.

After a pause, Jian Yiling went back to handling the skewers again.

Jian Yiling prepared everyone’s favorite skewers.

When Jian Yiling handed grilled squid to Jian Yunnao, Jian Yunnao was absolutely stunned.

His sister remembered what he liked to eat. She remembered that he loved to eat squid.

As he thought about this, a satisfied smile once again appeared on his face.


On the other hand, Bai Pingping’s attention was not on the barbecue. She was merely fiddling around with the ingredients as her thoughts were on other things.

When she was thinking about her assessment, she kept thinking that Jian Yiling was the reason why she failed to become an official employee at Lahaisen Hospital. As she thought about this, the anger in her heart burned more vigorously than the charcoal fire in front of her.

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