Chapter 2954 - Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2954: Sea of Evil

“Felt it! Progenitor Imperishable did indeed enter through the Abyss Gate!” Wang Qian’s mind stirred, and he said.

Hegemon Yu Tian said, “Then it’s correct! The two of you lead the way. We’ll enter the Abyss Gate together! There are many powerful existences in the Abyss Gate. Some of them, even Hegemon Realms are very fearful of them. Everyone be careful!”

At this time, a large group of Nirvanic Soul Clan powerhouses already gathered in front of the Abyss Gate.

Just the origin realms were as many as 30 to 40.

Hegemon Realms even already reached ten!

In order to save Hegemon Imperishable, the Nirvanic Soul Clan already transferred close to one-tenth of their strength.

Under the prerequisite that the soul race and blood race were at war, this was already the greatest transfer of forces.

Another Hegemon said, “This matter brooks no delay, let’s go in! With my estimations, Hegemon Imperishable should be in the abyss, being tied down by some powerful existence.”

Everyone nodded, expressing agreement.

Hegemon Yu Tian looked at Ye Yuan and said disdainfully, “After messing around for so long, your origin looks nice, but is useless, it’s not even as good as Wang Qian!”

Ye Yuan had a calm look and did not refute.

Abyss Gate, it was a spatial crack between Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven and another heaven.

Inside, there were countless powerful evil things, some could even threaten Hegemons.

One could say that this was a death zone.

“Ye Yuan, what do you have to say?” Cloudneon suddenly opened her mouth and said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Nothing to say.”

Cloudneon frowned and said, “If you don’t say, I’ll kill you!”

Ye Yuan was helpless. This woman indeed would never talk sense with you.

“Alright, I can indeed feel that there’s the aura of the Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique here. But I feel that this is a trap. Hegemon Imperishable isn’t in the abyss rift at all. He headed in that direction.”

Ye Yuan pointed in another direction and said.

Cloudneon frowned and said, “Why do you say that?”

Ye Yuan said, “There’s some remnant enshrouding mist origin aura there, but it’s extremely weak. Without carefully sensing it, it can’t be discovered at all.”

The moment he said it, Wang Qian immediately snickered and said, “Your meaning is that the origin that you comprehended is higher level than Progenitor Imperishable! I can’t discover it. Only you can discover it. Is that it?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Whether or not it’s higher level than Progenitor Imperishable, I don’t know, but it’s definitely higher level than you.”

Wang Qian’s face turned black, instantly feeling like he got slapped.

He did not know whether or not it was high level, but having entered Emperor Realm and comprehended origin, Ye Yuan could kill him as easily as crushing an ant to death.

Yu Tian also said, “Your meaning is that someone deliberately covered up Progenitor’s aura, then lured us into the Abyss Gate?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right!”

Yu Tian snickered and said, “That’s right my *ss! What you’re saying is simply pulling down your pants to fart, superfluous! The Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique is the only one in the world. Regarding this point, forget about Nihility Exceeding Balance Heaven, even the other heavens know it too. Before this, who could have thought that we could find this place? Could it be that that person can foretell the future?”

Another Hegemon nodded and said, “I also feel that Brother Yu Tian’s words make sense. You say that there’s the remnant aura of the enshrouding mist origin over there. Do you have a way to prove it?”

Ye Yuan ignored him and shrugged at Cloudneon as he said, “I already said that there’s nothing to say, yet you insisted on making me say.”

Cloudneon said, “You have no way of proving?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The aura is very weak. I almost overlooked it just now too. Even if we want to track, it’s very difficult too. Very clearly, the other party is very careful.”

Yu Tian’s mouth curled, and he said disdainfully, “In my view, the one with ulterior motives should be you! You, this boy, have unknown origins. Who knows what the hell you’re planning in your heart! You want to make us fail to find Hegemon Imperishable, so as to let the blood race and Qi Soul Clan prevail, right?”

Ye Yuan was dumbfounded by listening. This old man had such rich imagination!

These Hegemons were not fools. In reality, they had long seen through some inklings from Cloudneon’s attitude towards him.

It was merely because he comprehended origin that they did not kill him.

Wang Qian was indeed very unreliable when compared to Ye Yuan.

Of course, it was also due to Cloudneon protecting him.

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “Alright, alright. Just take it as I didn’t say anything. Everyone enters the Abyss Gate together! However, if we encounter any danger inside, don’t blame me for not warning you guys!”

Yu Tian snorted coldly and said, “We’ll be in danger if we trust you! Come on!”

The party entered the Abyss Gate.

Inside, it was pitch black darkness with countless evil things. Furthermore, their strength was extremely powerful.

However, with ten great Hegemons blazing the trail, there naturally would not be any problem.

Along the way, Wang Qian sensed Hegemon Imperishable’s power of origin and led the way for everyone.

Half a month later, everyone arrived before a dark fog.

“Ahead lies the Sea of Evil! There are many Hegemon level evil things inside the Sea of Evil!” East Soul Region’s leader, Hegemon Wang Ning said.

Yu Tian said, “Already at this step, we have no path of retreat either! Moreover, if it isn’t an extremely dangerous place, Progenitor Imperishable wouldn’t have been caught deep inside too. In the Sea of Evil, that evil dragon’s strength doesn’t lose to Progenitor Imperishable!”

Everyone nodded one after another. How could ordinary means trap Hegemon Imperishable, this level of existence?

However, Yu Tian was not a reckless person either. He naturally knew propriety.

He said to Wang Qian, “Wang Qian, sense carefully outside the Sea of Evil. There mustn’t be any mistakes! This place isn’t an ordinary place. A single misstep and even the likes of us will be trapped inside too!”

Wang Qian had a serious look too, feeling tremendous pressure.

He was a clever man and naturally knew the degree of seriousness.

Hence, he started to spread his senses carefully.

Cloudneon said, “Ye Yuan, you go too!”

Ye Yuan said, “There’s no need. Progenitor Imperishable has indeed come here before. He entered the Sea of Evil from that place!”

Cloudneon frowned and said, “You’re sure?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “I’m of the same root as Progenitor Imperishable. I can easily feel the enshrouding mist origin’s aura. It’s that place. There’s no mistake.”

But Yu Tian smiled coldly and said, “No matter if you are of the same root, it can’t compare to the origin from Progenitor himself either, right? Kid, if you let this seat discover that you’re spurting nonsense, this seat will kill you right now!”

Two hours later, Wang Qian came back.

“Ancestors, I carefully investigated the Sea of Evil’s entrance three times and confirmed that Progenitor Imperishable entered from there!”

The direction that Wang Qian pointed in was exactly the same as Ye Yuan said.

With this, everyone was shocked.

Could it be that Ye Yuan’s perception ability was so much stronger than Wang Qian?

This was also too sensitive!

Wang Qian expended a Herculean effort before finding the place, Ye Yuan discerned it with just a glance!

The group of Hegemons looked toward Ye Yuan one after another.

Wang Qian had a blank look. The entrance was investigated by me, what are you guys looking at Ye Yuan for?

However, many hegemons were already somewhat having their thoughts stirring.

Could it be that what Ye Yuan said outside the Abyss Gate was true?

If it was true, this would be a trap. Then they all, these people, would really somewhat be in danger!

“What do you think, Brother Yu Tian?” Wang Ning said.

Yu Tian was silent and shook his head and said, “No matter what, Progenitor has indeed entered the Sea of Evil, no?”

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