Chapter 547 - Now, I am the Emperor - Building The Ultimate Fantasy

Boom! Boom! Boom!

9,999 bolts of lightning.

Each bolt of lightning contained an incomparably terrifying offensive power, comparable to the full-force attack of the previous quasi-emperor.

The sky above rumbled.

The sky changed color.

The earth shook.

The snow-covered mountain had long since been razed to the ground, leaving only a large crater and exposed brown soil. The soil was also being struck by the Lightning, emitting charred green smoke.

The entire world was extremely quiet as everyone watched this great tribulation.

This was a quasi-emperor level mystic immortal transcending the Golden Immortal Heavenly Tribulation.

It was the most terrifying heavenly tribulation in the current generation.

The so-called human tribulation and true tribulation were nothing in front of this heavenly tribulation.

The strength of the Lightning was on a completely different level.

The Golden Immortal Tribulation’s punishment made the soil on the ground seem to melt and eventually condense into a crystal.

After this tribulation punishment, this place would become an absolute Wonderland, a territory that countless cultivators would fight for.

The lightning contained in those crystalline objects would also become supreme treasures, which could refine extremely powerful lightning attribute spirit tools.


The clothes on Mi Jia’s body were all blasted into pieces. However, he did not appear to be in a sorry state at all. Instead, he revealed his sparkling and shining skin.

That was an extremely powerful physique after he had tempered his body with heavenly lightning.

One after another heavenly lightning fell down continuously without any gaps.

It made everyone’s mood tense and difficult to relax.

Mi Jia’s gaze shone.

He felt something in his heart. He sensed that there were also experts undergoing tribulations in the other two places. The tribulations that they were undergoing were exactly the same as his emperor’s tribulations.

“Fight to transcend, fight to transcend… Only when there are people fighting will it be interesting.”

The corners of Mi Jia’s mouth lifted, revealing a carefree expression.

At this moment, he felt that his body was recovering.

In fact, his fear of heavenly lightning had completely disappeared. At this moment, he only wanted to defeat this heavenly tribulation and walk out of his own Dao.

He only wanted to win first place in this fight to transcend tribulation!

He only wanted to be the first existence of the five phoenixes to successfully transcend the tribulation and become an emperor after attaining Dao!

The five Phoenixes gave him new hope. He did not want to lose, and he also did not want to lose!

Thinking of this, Mi Jia immediately laughed out loud.

Her hair flew in the air, and she actually soared into the sky, fearlessly charging towards the Heavenly Thunder.

Boom Boom Boom!

At this moment, the entire human world was as bright as day.

Everyone looked on, exclaiming in astonishment.

It was as if they were witnessing the birth of a miracle, witnessing the descent of a myth.

One after another.

Finally, when there were only nine golden immortal tribulations left.

The tribulation clouds finally slowed down, as if they were tired from being struck and had begun to rest.

Mi Jia also knelt on one knee on the ground, blood oozing out from her mouth and nose.

After being struck by 9,990 bolts of heavenly lightning, her body was incomparably terrifying. However, she still could not withstand the increasingly powerful tribulation.

Mi Jia panted heavily.

Even when she panted, there was still a vigorous blood mist.

There were still nine bolts left.

After brewing for a while, MI JIA discovered that the heavenly lightning actually appeared abnormal.

He seemed to have seen that on the Tribulation Cloud, there was a divine general standing.

The divine general held a hammer and chisel in his hand and glared at him.

He turned into a bolt of lightning and charged into the mortal world.

He wanted to kill Mi Jia.

Mi Jia’s heart throbbed. It was an inexplicable fear.

“The Emperor Road is so difficult. There is no hope at all in the Ninth Heaven. However, in the five phoenixes… I have such an opportunity. What is there to be afraid of?”

Mi Jia laughed loudly.

It was as if a heavy punch had struck out and dispersed the fear in her heart.

She dragged her bleeding body and fought her way up.

After a collision, the terrifying explosive airwaves in the heaven and earth dispersed in ripples.

Countless mountain peaks were blasted apart by the blast waves.

Meanwhile, Mi Jia’s entire body turned into a bloody person and fell back into the deep pit. Her aura became incomparably dispirited.

All the cultivators were shocked.

They did not dare to slow down their breathing for even a moment. Looking at Mi Jia who was staggering as if she was about to fall at any moment, they only felt their scalps go numb.

No one’s success was easily accomplished in one go.

They had all paid a huge price. Even someone as powerful as a golden immortal had to pay a price as well. It was also a narrow escape from death.

Everyone’s hearts were shaken as if they were witnessing the birth of a new era.

And at this moment.

In the soaring grounds.

It had long turned into a sea of lightning. In the Sea of lightning, there was a green lotus that was enduring the bombardment of countless bolts of lightning.

In the netherworld.

Tantai Xuan sat cross-legged and bathed in the Lightning, enduring the bombardment of bolts of lightning.

This was a competition to see who would become the first golden immortal among the five phoenixes!

Without a doubt, if he could become the first Golden Immortal and open up an era, he would definitely be able to seize the initiative and obtain the Majestic Qi of Heaven and earth!

The battle between Mi Jia and Lu Jiulian seemed to continue at this moment.

However, this time, the battle was to go through the heavenly tribulation.

As for Tantai Xuan, he was purely making up the numbers.

They also did not expect that Tantai Xuan would be able to go through the golden immortal tribulation with them.

Boom Boom Boom!

The mountains and rivers shook, and the Earth Rose and fell.

Within the ancient tomb of the vast sea.

Gu Mang took a deep breath in a daze.

He was really somewhat at a loss because he did not expect that the current five phoenixes could already give birth to the emperor realm.

“It’s… It’s too fast…”

Gu Mang felt that everything was too fast.

It was faster than he could imagine.

He felt that the departure of the ancient Emperors was yesterday.

And now, a world that could give birth to an emperor was born.

It was too absurd!

If Gu Mang hadn’t witnessed the rise of this world with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it.

Because all of this was like a myth.

The emperor realm, the once Emperor realm was an existence that he respected and looked up to.

But now, Mi Jia, who was at the same level as him, already had the qualifications to break through to the Emperor Realm.

Gu Mang slowly let out a breath. He felt that the Chrysanthemum divine medicine that he was clutching was no longer fragrant.

“There is going to be a result soon.”

Suddenly, beside Gu Mang, Lu Changkong, who had his hands behind his back and was admiring this thunder tribulation, could not help but say.

The final few tribulation punishments had finally come to an end.


One tribulation after another flickered with white light and illuminated the entire night.


In the starry sky.

Lu fan, who had an indestructible golden demonic body, grabbed the sword that ancient emperor heavenly spirit had slashed down with.

This sword strike was extremely powerful.

Lu fan chuckled and waved his hand. Immediately, he grabbed the phoenix feather sword and swept it out.

Golden demonic qi engulfed the phoenix feather sword as if it had been revived.

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit drew his sword and countless sword lights poured down like a waterfall.

Lu fan clenched his fist and smashed out.

The waterfall suddenly exploded and turned into countless scattered sword qi.

Lu Fan’s goal was very simple. He wanted to stop ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit.

Three of the five phoenixes had transcended the tribulation. Once they successfully transcended the tribulation, it would be equivalent to three more emperors.

With Lu Fan’s current strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to tie down ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit. Their domains were on par, and it would be difficult to determine who was stronger.

At that time, three monarch-level experts would enter the battlefield.

Even if ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit wasn’t afraid, he would still feel great trouble.

“You…”ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit saw that his sword was blocked by Lu fan with his bare hands.

He was instantly enraged.

“This golden color…”

“You’ve become stronger!”

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit took a deep breath and said.

The Golden Lu fan smiled and instantly disappeared. He reappeared and continuously enlarged his fist in front of ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit.

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit didn’t want to tangle with Lu fan any longer. He knew very well that the longer he tangled with Lu fan, the worse the result would be for him.

Although he wasn’t afraid of the four monarch-level experts, he was still suffering enough.

Because, at that time, it would definitely be difficult for him to complete the transaction with the Ninth Heaven’s Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, ancient emperor of heavenly spirit was really anxious.


Ancient Emperor of heavenly spirit swept his sword horizontally.

Lu Fan’s huge golden fist collided and actually produced a clear sound.

Lu fan smiled and slipped back.

“Don’t be anxious. Finish watching this show?”

“Mi Jia has been in the Ninth Heaven for so many years and still couldn’t attain the Dao and become an emperor. However, she has only been in the five Phoenix realm for a few years and can already break through to the emperor realm. Is there something… Don’t you understand?”

Lu fan said.

“Obviously, there is something wrong with the Heavenly Dao in the ninth heaven. He is restricting the birth of powerful warriors. He is blocking the path to become an emperor. In addition, he should also be blocking the path for you guys to break through to the Emperor Realm.”

Lu fan smiled and talked non-stop.

“So, do you want to think about it? Join the five Phoenixes?”

Lu fan said.

Ancient Emperor Tianling’s eyes were cold.

This guy still wants to mess with his mentality? !

Although what Lu fan said made sense, he wasn’t afraid of an ancient Emperor joining the five phoenixes.

Clearly, ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit had also heard that Lu fan was inviting him to join. However, Lu fan didn’t have any sincerity.


Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit, who was carrying the coffin on his back, said coldly.

Sword Qi swept through the starry sky as if it wanted to cut down all the stars in the sky!

Lu fan smiled.

Countless silver blades piled up, and the Phoenix Feather Sword transformed into armor.

He blocked this sword.

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit took a step forward, and his body instantly moved horizontally, wanting to bypass Lu fan and charge toward the five phoenixes.

However, Lu fan raised his hand.

A milky-white pillar of spiritual pressure descended from the sky.

Hundred million times spiritual pressure!

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit’s body trembled, and Lu fan took this opportunity to move horizontally again, blocking his way forward.

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit’s anger immediately rose!

It was endless? !

Suddenly, ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit’s expression changed.


It was too quiet!

The sound of the tribulation had disappeared!

Lu Fan, who was covered in golden light, couldn’t help but smile.

The Golden Immortal of the five Phoenixes was born!


How long did it take to go from extreme clamor to extreme silence? !

In fact, it was only an instant.

When the last bolt of Heavenly Lightning of the Golden Immortal Tribulation tore out from the clouds.

The clamor of the entire world reached its peak, as if it was going to explode people’s eardrums.

Some of the weaker ones would cover their ears in fear.

And the tribulation clouds exploded.

The heavenly lightning interweaved and turned into a huge lightning hammer.

The last bolt of heavenly lightning turned into a thunder hammer and smashed down from the Tribulation Cloud.

This strike..

Seemed to have sucked out all the energy in the entire five Phoenix continent.

The extreme light and heat made everything extremely dim.

The hammer struck down.

Booming sounds continued to ring out, and the void continued to collapse.

The power of this strike had definitely reached the Emperor Realm and the gold immortal realm!

This was the final strike of the Heavenly Thunder!

Everyone held their breaths and stared at the last bolt of Heavenly Thunder.

Mi Jia stared at it solemnly. His blood was boiling.

The power of fighting the emperor realm..

The current him had finally touched it.

He had always been very confident in himself.

However, in the ninth heaven, his confidence had been worn away. He had even lost some faith in himself.

And now, in the five phoenixes, he had regained the confidence that he had lost!

He, Mi Jia, was a Peerless Heaven’s pride!

“I, Mi Jia, today… will definitely become an emperor!”

His firm belief was like a rock.

A sharp whistle.

Mi Jia’s body turned into a red light and shot up into the sky.

In the sky, the huge heavenly thunder hammer seemed to cover the entire sky.

The hammer pressed down.

Mi Jia was like an ant. She did not hesitate and rushed towards the hammer like a moth to the flame!


The hammer face smashed down fiercely.

At this moment, the earth trembled violently like a carpet that had been shaken.

It was as if a bright star had self-detonated. The explosive energy that was triggered swept up the entire five Phoenix Mountains, lakes, and vast seas.

It set off an incomparably terrifying storm, huge waves, and tsunami.

Countless five Phoenix Immortals moved out one after another at this moment to suppress these calamities. Unexpectedly, they could also obtain luck.

After a long time..

Everything finally fell silent.

In the deep pit with a diameter of tens of thousands of meters, a huge gap could be seen from the high sky of five Phoenix looking down.

Mi Jia’s body was sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the pit.

The skin all over his body was burned into nothingness, revealing bloody flesh. Even the ghastly white bones could be clearly seen.

His primordial spirit was almost on the verge of cracking. Under the strike of the Heavenly Thunder Hammer, it seemed as if it was going to melt.

The strike of the Emperor realm..

Was too powerful!

And with the end of this strike, the tribulation cloud began to dissipate.

It came fast, but it also went fast.

The sky was covered by a vast amount of fate. The vast amount of fate transformed into a huge ocean.

It seemed to cover the entire sky.

The fate was like an ocean. At this moment… Mi Jia had officially stepped into the Golden Immortal level!

Mi Jia raised her head.

In the sky, the tribulation clouds had disappeared, but what appeared was a seven-colored brilliance.

His breathing was rapid as he stared at the sky.

He wanted to know..

Who was the first to step into the emperor realm.

Because, at this moment, in the land of Ascension, the clamor in the Netherworld had also disappeared.

In the netherworld.

The entire sea of bitterness fell silent.

Countless departed souls trembled as they looked at the figure by the Yellow Springs.

Tantai Xuan’s figure stood there quietly. The entire underworld seemed to have turned into scorched earth, and countless lightning arcs were moving rapidly.

However, Tantai Xuan did not move. He was waiting for a result.

In the ascending ground.

Lu Jiulian had his hands behind his back. He looked somewhat disheveled.

The ground of the ascending ground cracked open, and the gravel on the ground was stirred by the lightning arcs.

He crossed his hands behind his back and waited silently.

How could he determine who would be the first to become a gold immortal?

When one obtained the additional blessing of fate, one could easily come to a conclusion.

Seven-colored auspicious clouds appeared in the sky.

In the auspicious clouds, it was as if a huge heavenly dao star was reflected.

Countless dao reserves were swirling around.


Beams of light that contained rich dao reserves were projected from within.

They enveloped the three people in the five Phoenix three realms.

The wounds on their bodies began to heal rapidly. Their dead skin peeled off, and their new skin glowed with infinite vitality.

The three people felt a force expanding and growing in their bodies. They were transcending!

It was a force that was far beyond the Saint Realm.


It seemed that some shackles had been broken!

It was the shackles of the Heavenly Dao.

The Golden Immortal level was an existence that broke away from the Heavenly Dao and was not bound by it.

It could be said that only by becoming a golden immortal could one obtain true freedom and happiness.

Mi Jia’s lifespan, which was originally approaching, had been greatly extended at this moment. He felt that he could live for several more six hundred thousand years.

However, the three of them did not care about this.

What they cared about was..

Who was the first Golden Immortal to be born from the five phoenixes? !

Who Was It? !


Amidst the surging fate that was like a vast sea, MI JIA withdrew her gaze. There was a hint of gloom in his expression.

“Is it too slow?”

Mi Jia shook her head regretfully.

In the land of Ascension.

Lu Jiulian lowered his eyelids. A green lotus that had regained its vitality circled around his body.

He did not receive any additional luck, and he was not the first person to successfully become a gold immortal.

Meanwhile, in the land of the netherworld.

The multicolored light had yet to disappear.

Tantai Xuan stood by the river of the netherworld, and the multicolored light dripped down. The originally Barren River of the Netherworld had grown many beautiful flowers.

It turned the river of the Netherworld into a sea of flowers.

Countless souls of the dead saw the seven-colored colors. It turned out that… after death, they could also see beautiful flowers.

Many souls of the dead who drifted into the Sea of pain along the Yellow Springs saw the most beautiful scene they had ever seen in their lives before the judgment of reincarnation.

Additional Kismet fell down.

Tantai Xuan’s aura was constantly rising.

It turned out that the first person to step into the Golden Immortal realm was not mi Jia or Lu Jiulian, but Tantai Xuan, who no one had expected.


With the birth of the three gold immortals, the fate of the Heaven and earth of the five Phoenixes had a huge surge at this moment.

This was a great opportunity.

Countless cultivators wanted to seize this opportunity to obtain the fate.

Every time the fate fluctuated, it was the best time to obtain the fate.

Mi Jia did not care about this.

He stood up from the deep pit and stretched.

The entire world shook.

He felt that his soul had been freed from the shackles, and he had gained infinite ease.

“The emperor realm… This is the emperor realm.”

Mi Jia laughed loudly and took a step forward.

Then, she appeared outside the five Phoenix Sky.

The holy church members of the Heavenly Spirit clan all looked at Mi Jia stiffly.

“Traitor! The traitor of the Heavenly Spirit Clan!”


That old quasi-emperor spoke.

He stared at Mi Jia. The Aura on his body was surging, turning into a stream of light that shot out at high speed.


Very soon.

This old quasi-emperor’s body froze.

It was as if a gust of wind had brushed past.

Mi Jia’s figure appeared beside him as if she had teleported. A finger was pressed between his brows.

This quasi-emperor’s pupils contracted.

The pressure instantly covered his entire body.

“The past me was like you, restricted by the Heavenly Dao, rotten and unbearable

“But now, I have obtained a new life

“Quasi-emperor, I am no longer

“Now, I am the Emperor.”

Mi Jia said calmly.

She used a gentle force with her finger, as if she could destroy a high martial world of level two Yan with a single finger.

That quasi-emperor only felt the world spinning. In the next moment, he was pushed into the outer space battlefield by Mi Jia with one finger.

In the outer space battlefield, like a stream of light, he smashed dozens of level three Yan High Martial continents in succession.


In the end, this aged quasi-emperor smashed into a piece of withered and dead land that had been eliminated.

Fresh blood flowed out.

He did not die. He stared blankly at the shattered continent rocks on the outer space battlefield.

His eyes were somewhat misty.

Looking at the current mi jia, he seemed to have seen the high-spirited spirit he had when he was young when he was promoted to quasi-emperor.

And now, he had completely lost the spirit he had in the past.

He had become an inconspicuous speck of dust on the road to becoming an emperor.

Overlord, Tang Yimo, Nie Changqing and the other mysterious immortals took a deep breath and looked at Mi Jia. They looked at Mi Jia who had broken through the limit of the mysterious immortal and stepped into the Golden Immortal realm.

They actually felt a pressure on the level of life.

With one finger, he had defeated the quasi-emperor of the Saint Hall who was once on par with Mi Jia.

This had brought about a great impact to the other saints of the Saint Hall.

They all forgot about the battle and looked at Mi Jia in a daze.

The former leader of the Saint Hall had become an emperor!

The first person who had become an emperor after attaining Dao in the past millions of years in the ninth heaven… Mi Jia!

This was not an ancient emperor, but a new emperor who had attained the Dao.

At this moment, in the eyes of these Saint Realm members of the Holy Church, everything became extremely dim.

Only Mi Jia was left. She was like a bright star that was blooming with a dazzling radiance.

Perhaps… joining the five phoenixes was the right thing to do? !

The beliefs of these Saint Realm members of the Holy Church could not help but start to waver!



The two clashing domains were torn apart.

The Sword Qi swept out and opened up a wide passage.

Ancient Emperor Heavenly Spirit walked out from his own sword qi domain.

Three Golden Immortals were born, and Lu fan no longer stopped him.

Therefore, ancient Emperor heavenly spirit walked out of the domain easily.

Mi Jia raised her head. Her golden hair flew in the air, and her fighting spirit was high.

Ancient Emperor heavenly spirit carried a coffin on his back and looked down from above.

Two streams of Emperor’s might filled the air and fought against each other.

It represented.

A challenge from the new emperor… to the old emperor’s authority!

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