Chapter 334 - Reaped A Bountiful Harvest - Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return!

Little Blue’s face was initially filled with fatigue, but when it heard Lin Bai say that he was going to ‘impart his cultivation, its eyes lit up and its fatigue was swept away. It rushed in front of Lin Bai excitedly. Its face was filled with impatience.

“Behave yourself. Don’t jump up and down. Do you think I won’t impart my cultivation to you?”

Lin Bai picked up Little Blue, who was standing on top of his head, and placed it on the ground in front of him. He started scolding it with a smile, and his eyes were filled with affection.

After these few challenges, Little Blue’s growth could be seen with the naked eye. This time, he could see Little Blue’s innate battle talent just by fighting that fist cultivator alone.

This made Lin Bai dote on Little Blue even more.

It had a strong talent and high comprehension ability. Its nature was also in line with Lin Bai’s expectations. With Lin Bai’s hack, how could he be worried that Little Blue would not be strong?

Lin Bai put away his thoughts. This challenge had already caused them to suffer heavy injuries. The difficulty of the subsequent challenges could be imagined.

Therefore, he had to increase his strength as soon as possible. If he could not win the subsequent challenges, he and Little Blue would have to die here much less getting revenge from the City Lord… They would die here without even knowing what the City Lord’s purpose was!

“System, I want to pass on my strength to Little Blue,” Lin Bai muttered in his heart and put a hand on Little Blue’s head. Actually, these steps could be omitted, but unfortunately, Lin Bai liked this kind of ‘ceremonial feeling’.

[ Ding — ]

[ The host has given Little Blue sixty days of cultivation. ]

[50 times of return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ The host has received 3,000 days of return of cultivation. ]


Following the series of cold sounds from the system, a crisp sound came from within Lin Bai’s body. Something that seemed to be a bottleneck had broken!

Lin Bai slowly opened his eyes. A ray of white light shot out from his eyes. He gently exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and felt extremely comfortable all over his body.

The sound of Little Blue’s fingers sliding, the sound of a drop of water falling from the darkness in the distance, and the gentle wind blowing in the dark hole…

Lin Bai only needed to close his eyes to be able to clearly sense and perceive everything around him.

“Let me try.” Lin Bai’s face was filled with joy as he slowly stood up and stood in the middle of the high platform.


Little Blue blinked its eyes and looked at Lin Bai in confusion. It only felt that there was something different about Lin Bai compared to before. Something inexplicable had happened.


Lin Bai exerted some strength under his feet and shot out like an arrow that was fully charged. In the blink of an eye, he rushed from one end of the high platform to the other end!

Little Blue widened its eyes and couldn’t close its mouth. Then, it wiped its eyes with its fist to make sure that it didn’t see anything wrong.


Lin Bai walked toward Little Blue leisurely step by step. Although he seemed to be walking leisurely, he arrived in front of Little Blue in a moment.

“With my current strength, if I were to fight with that person just now, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t need to use any bitter tactics to easily win… It would probably be within ten moves…”

Lin Bai estimated in his heart and weighed his current strength.

Now, he had the confidence to fight with the City Lord. Even if something unexpected happened, he was confident that he would be able to escape from the City Lord’s hands.

Lin Bai lowered his head and looked at Little Blue, who had not recovered from the shock. Little Blue’s body had grown a little bigger, and the color of the fur on its body had become brighter. The lines of the muscles under the fur had gradually taken shape.

“It seems that Little Blue and I have gained quite a lot. If nothing unexpected happens, we will be able to easily pass through the high platform after this.”

Lin Bai thought to himself and pointed at his shoulder. Only then did Little Blue come back to its senses. With a light leap, it stood on Lin Bai’s shoulder.

“I did make a breakthrough. Don’t be surprised,” Lin Bai explained to blue. “You’ll be in the same situation in the future.”

When Little Blue heard this explanation, especially after the last sentence, its face revealed an uncontrollable joy. I’ll be in the same situation too?! Really, really, really?!

“Really!” Lin Bai nodded, and his tone was positive. This made Little Blue wonder what would happen after it broke through.

In fact, Little Blue wasn’t the only one who was curious. Lin Bai was also quite curious about what Little Blue would look like when it grew up. Could it be that… cough, cough, cough.


A man and a beast walked to the opposite stone bridge once again.

After his cultivation level increased, Lin Bai’s five senses and spiritual sense both increased significantly.

He could vaguely sense that there seemed to be something in the terrifying bottomless pit of darkness under the stone bridge that was filled with an incomparable desire, an incomparable desire to escape from the darkness…

There were also some very powerful existences that had a wild desire…

Lin Bai retracted his mind. What was below was not something that he should be having a headache over right now. When everything was over, it would naturally appear on the surface of the water and confess to the world.

Now, he should focus all his attention on how to leave this world, or in other words, the ‘Mystic Realm’, and return to the altar.

Just as Lin Bai’s thoughts drifted away, he had already left the stone bridge and entered the stone wall once again.

Little Blue grabbed Lin Bai’s hair, its eyes filled with worry. Was the skinny man, the white-clothed man, and Little Blue and the others here like us?

Lin Bai nodded. “They should be here with us to go through the challenges on the high platform.”

Little Blue gestured with her hands. “Will they be in danger?”?

Lin Bai shook his head. “Don’t worry. I approve of their strength. Although it’s a little difficult, it won’t be difficult for them here.”

Hearing Lin Bai’s words, Little Blue’s heart was at ease.

Just as the man and the beast were conversing. While they were conversing, they walked out of the mountain wall once again and saw the two stone bridges in front of them connected. In the middle, there was a flat and unadorned high platform.

“Hmm? This high platform seems to be a little different?”

Lin Bai gazed into the distance.

He could clearly sense that this high platform seemed to be twice as big as the previous one. Apart from the change in size, the thickness of the high platform was also more than twice as thick.

“However, whether it’s a mule or a horse, I have to take it out for a walk. I won’t know whether it’s difficult or not until I beat it up.”

Not long after breaking through, Lin Bai saw the obvious changes on the platform. His face didn’t show any signs of retreat. Instead, he was like Little Blue, full of eagerness to try.

He was eager to experience the strength of a breakthrough in cultivation.


After the man and the beast walked onto the high platform, the stone bridge behind them shattered and fell into the bottomless abyss. The invisible imprisonment enveloped the entire high platform.

A thick layer of black smoke emerged from the center of the high platform.

As the cold wind blew, the black smoke spread in all directions, revealing a mountain-like figure. It was a ‘gorilla’ with four limbs on the ground and a height of 20 meters.

The ‘gorilla was covered in red patterns. It was as if lava was flowing within these patterns!

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