Why Don't We Use Tidal Power

With climate change becoming more and more of a threat, there has been an increased focus on renewable energy sources and the demand for clean energy. This has been brought on rapid development of

Are Shiro And Sora Siblings

Sora (空(そら), Sora) is the main male protagonist of the No Game No Life series and the cunning and manipulative half of the siblings. Abandoned by his parents, Sora is a brilliant NEET (Not in

What Mental Illness Does Johan

NOTE: On this blog, I'm discussing a character-type more so than a diagnosis, so "sociopath" is an umbrella term that I'm using in these lists now that includes psychopaths, those

Did Shizuka Ever Kiss Nobita

Nobita Nobi has a huge crush on his best friend and far Neighbor Shizuka Minamoto. Nobita has a romantic daydream about her, usually when he planning something on Shizuka, and hopes one day he would

Is There A Sequel To Gakuen Alice

Hikari Andō (安藤,, Andō Hikari?) is the main female protagonist of Higuchi Tachibana's new sequel to Gakuen Alice titled Kageki no Kuni no Alice. Though Hikari does not have an Alice, her

What Is The Rarest Japanese Surname

Among the common readings of the number 1, ichi or hajime are widely used to construct male first names. Ichiro ("first-son"), Ichiko ("first-child"), the number 1 is known to

How Old Is Yui K

Yui Hirasawa is a main character from the series K-ON! She is the air-headed lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. Always looking for fun. She tried to kiss Azusa on several

How Old Was Conny When She Died TPN

The children helming the hit anime series The Promised Neverland have captivated the hearts of anime fans. Emma, ​​Norman, and the mysterious Ray might make up the main trio who push the plot

Who Knows Haibara's Identity

Shiho Miyano (宮野志保, Miyano Shiho), also known as Ai Haibara, is a character in the manga/anime series Detective Conan. Like Shinichi Kudo, he also shrunk because of APTX 4869 and later lived

Who Is Kalim Based On

Kalim wears a very ornate, dark red half-turban decorated with jewels and two parrot feathers tied around short and choppy white hair. He has dark skin, decorated with white markings resembling henna

What Does Tachiyomi Mean

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How Strong Is Sora

While transformed in a weaker lion cub form, Sora could stop the stomp of a Groundshaker Heartless and then throw him off balance. When compared to Sora and Simba, the Groundshaker is easily

Is Steins Gate Theory Possible

This in turn would give rise to a great many logical problems.   Look Ma, You can Really Build a Bussiness With Manga There are many different theories for time travel. PhoneWave (name

What Anime Should I Watch If I Liked Food Wars

Most fans got strongly attached to the characters and rooted for them to succeed. Soma Yukihira and the other heroes Chefs' adventures at the Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute captivated fans. All

How Strong Is Jack Hanma

Jack to Dr. John. Jack Hanma (ジャック, Jakku Hanma) is a fictional character from the Baki the Grappler series. He's a pitfighter from Canada and the son of Yuujirou Hanma and Diane Neil, a

What Is Baymax's Purpose

Baymax is the deuteragonist of the Big Hero 6 franchise. Wait 'til my brother sees you! You're going to help so many people, buddy. Baymax was created by the brilliant Tadashi Hamada during

Who Is Arceus Enemy

This Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond

What Color Is Eugeos Sword

«Divine Object» class longsword found in the Mountain Range at the Edge in Underworld that eventually became Eugeo's personal sword. Its appearance is pure white, in contrast with Kirito's

Is Imaizumi A Climber

Shunsuke Imaizumi is a second-year student at Sohoku High School and a member of the Sohoku High Bicycle Club. He has been cycling competitively since middle school. Shunsuke is an all-rounder who

Where Is The Alucard Shield

Strong against all attacks. When used with the Shield Rod or Mablung Sword in a combo, the Alucard Shield becomes an attack shield like the Dark Shield or Medusa Shield, but with the ability to deal